Lennox XPG20 SunSource™ Comfort System

Congressional Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Maryland and Northern Virginia Lennox XPG20 SunSource™ Comfort System


Source of alternative energy

  • Patent-pending solar-assist technology uses a combination of solar energy and electricity to reduce peak demand in home electric usage
  • Operates in a wide range of sunlight and temperature conditions
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified

Source of innovative comfort

  • Delivers even heating and cooling in every room*
  • Highly reliable, with patented SmartHinge™ panels that require little routine maintenance

How it works

Draws energy from the sun

During peak daylight hours, the SunSource Comfort System gets help from a solar panel to heat and cool your home. It uses renewable solar energy to power the outdoor fan motor, reducing the utility-provided electricity needed for operation. The solar-assist increases the system efficiency, reducing the power by as much as 8%.

Choosing an ENERGY STAR® product like the XPG20 SunSource™ Comfort System can help you improve comfort and save energy costs. You may also be able to qualify for utility rebates and tax credits. By creating a more efficient home environment, you are contributing to a cleaner global environment.

Outdoor unit model Indoor unit model SEER  EER  Cooling  Capacity  (BTUH) HSPF (Region IV) Heating Capacity (BTUH) Sound Rating (dBA) Dimensions
HxWxD (in.)
HxWxD (mm)
XPG20-036 CBX32MV-048 18.20***  12.7  37,800 9.70*** 34,200 72 37 x 35-½ x 39-½ 940 x 902 x 1003