Commercial HVAC Services

Residential Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning in Maryland

Most U.S. homes are warmed with either heaters or boilers. As the temperature begins to drop, our regular propensity is to consider if our homes are prepared to deal with the following warming season.

An HVAC system is an intricate piece of hardware with electronic, electrical, and mechanical segments. Like any piece of convoluted hardware, it will work less productively and in the end, fail if not looked after accurately. Since half of the energy utilized in your home goes to heating and cooling, settling on brilliant choices about your home's HVAC system has a direct impact on your electrical charges just as your comfort.

How Much Does An HVAC System Cost?

Costs can differ from state to state and rely upon numerous components like the make and model you pick and even the size of your home. That is the reason we are here to plan your custom, in-home assessment, and estimate. Please give us a phone call so we can arrange an in-house assessment schedule at your most convenient time

Periodic Maintenance Schedule

Regardless of whether your HVAC is new, still under warranty period or more than 5 years of age, routine upkeep service can prepare you for the forthcoming season, improve the lifespan of your HVAC and detect issues before they become costly fixes.

  • Heating System Maintenance: Set maintenance schedule in pre-fall or late-summer, before the winter season.
    • Clean or Replace Filters
    • Clean drain lines and drain pans for proper flow and to avoid overflows
    • Observe humidity level
    • Check electrical systems and connections
    • Test thermostats for accurate temperatures

  • Air Conditioning System Maintenance: Set maintenance schedule in pre-spring or late-winter, before the summer season.
    • Replace filters on heating devices
    • Examine ignition burner assembly and heat exchanger
    • Inspect for gas leaks with gas furnaces
    • Check electrical systems and connections
    • Test thermostats for accurate temperatures
    • Inspect heat pump

We provide consistent service with those you find with any quality HVAC Company. However, the difference is the dedication we have to our customers and the level with which we involve ourselves in your HVAC project. Whether it is a new home construction or the upgrading of your existing Residential HVAC system, Congressional Heating and Air Conditioning will give all the best result.

What We Provide:

  • General Service
  • New HVAC Installation or Design
  • Replacement, Repair, Service for existing HVAC systems
  • Analysis for Indoor air quality

At Congressional Heating & Air Conditioning, you can expect qualified technicians for your service, trouble free installations, servicing for all makes and models, and even affordable pricing. We are a recognized leader in the area for serving homeowners and businesses by providing ultimate heating and air conditioning system solutions.